Shrimp & Broccoli Lo Mein

shrimp and broccoli lo mein lowfat recipe

Shrimp & Broccoli Lo Mein
Serves 2
Can be doubled | Can be halved | Makes great leftovers
Vegetarian Substitutes

Sometimes you just want noodles, and nothing else will do. I’ve been in carbohydrate mode during this pregnancy — apparently it takes a lot of extra carbs to grow a baby! That’s okay, any good reason to eat more carbs is fine by me… This dish is a perfect quick meal, easy enough for any night of the week and impressive enough for dinner guests or special occasions. It’s another one of those recipes where you can make endless combinations: using different vegetables, substituting tofu or chicken for the shrimp, adding hot sauce or fresh chiles to spice it up. Have fun using your own creative ideas to make this dish your own.       ~ Susan


1 lb pre-cooked peeled & deveined shrimp
2-3 cups cooked & drained whole grain noodles: udon, angel hair, linguini, etc…  (or, use rice noodles to keep it wheat-free)
1 1/2 teaspoons peanut oil
1 1/2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
1 tablespoon minced fresh garlic
1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
1 cup sliced mushrooms
3 cups fresh broccoli florettes
1 cup sliced carrots – slice in half the long way, then into diagonal slices
2 tablespoons dry sherry
1 heaping teaspoon cornstarch mixed with 1/4 cup water
tamari soy sauce to taste – we use San J wheat-free tamari
1/3 cup sliced scallions – slice them on a strong diagonal for a great presentation
optional – hot sauce to taste


Heat the peanut oil in a large nonstick skillet (or well seasoned cast iron skillet) on medium heat. Leave the oil in a little pool as opposed to spreading it in the pan.

Add the garlic and ginger to the oil, spread it out just enough to let everything cook evenly over the heat, and let it all sizzle for a few seconds without actually browning.

Add the sherry and the mushrooms, and let it all simmer for about 30 seconds.

Add the cornstarch/water mix, and about 2 tablespoons of tamari soy sauce. Stir with a wooden spoon or spatula over the medium heat until it begins to thicken.

Add broccoli, carrots and shrimp and stir it all together for about a minute – just until broccoli is bright green and shrimp is heated throughout.

If sauce gets too thick just add a little more water and stir it in.

Add noodles and toasted sesame oil. Toss everything together using two spatulas or wooden spoons to evenly coat the noodles with the sauce. Add more tamari to taste if you like.

To serve – divide mixture equally onto two plates, and scatter the scallions over the noodles.

Serving Suggestions:

Put hot sauce on the table for each person to spice it up as they like. I like this dish best with a good dose of Frank’s Red Hot on top – it adds a zesty tanginess as well as a kick!

Not in the mood for noodles? Try using cooked brown rice in their place.

Vegetarian Substitutes:

Tofu, edamame or seitan is perfect in place of the shrimp.

Shrimp and Tofu Soba Noodles

Shrimp and Tofu Soba Noodles
Serves 4
Can be doubled| Can be halved| Makes great leftovers

Our nanny Tess is Filipino, and in her culture, when it’s your birthday, you’re supposed to eat a long noddle dish. The belief is that the long noodles signal a long life and bring good luck. When I turned 31 last year, she surprised me by making this recipe for my family and I for dinner. It’s since become a regular on our menus. I love it because it’s a one pot meal that gets in your veggies, protein and starch, and it’s great for carnivores and vegetarians because it’s easy to make two batches and top with your favorite protein. Just about anything goes: shrimp, fish, steak, grilled chicken, seitan, tofu and even fried eggs. We’ve mixed shrimp and tofu for a double hit, and the combination works beautifully for a tasty lunch or dinner. I’ve made this with my favorite vegetables, but you can feel free to add whatever suits your palate.  It’s also a crowd pleaser so go ahead and entertain with it- making a double batch takes no extra time.     ~Shivani


1, 8-ounce package soba noodles
2 teaspoons canola oil
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 container sliced water chestnuts
1 large bunch of bok choy, washed and shredded
1 red or orange pepper, sliced
1 bunch of scallion, thinly sliced
1 large handful of sno-peas, trimmed
8 ounces of large shrimp
1 packet of tofu, cut into small squares
1 teaspoon ginger, minced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce
black pepper, to taste
red pepper flakes, to taste (optional)


Cook soba noodles according to package directions.

In a large nonstick pan set to medium, heat oil and saute garlic and ginger for one minute. Add scallions and cook for an additional two minutes.

Add shrimp and cook until done, about 5 minutes. Remove from pan.

Add in soy sauce and vegetables including water chestnuts. Cook for five minutes or until softened.

Add tofu and cook for one minute.

Add in cooked noodles, cooked shrimp, black pepper and red pepper flakes. Toss everything together well and top with sesame oil.

Season with additional salt, if needed.

Serving Suggestions:

You’re not going to feel deprived if you don’t eat anything else with this dish, but if you’re extra hungry, serve alongside a salad of shredded napa cabbage, chopped cilantro and sliced red onion in a ginger dressing. Sauteed shitake mushrooms are also a nice addition.

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