How We Met

In early 2006, Susan was cooking for a number of clients around Manhattan. There was the low carb/high fat client, the high carb/low fat client and the family of four who each ate different things at every meal. This was nothing new, she’d been a personal chef for eight years by then and was well seasoned in the craft of menu planning for just about any dietary whim or family food dynamic you could put in front of her.

In the spring of that same year, Shivani’s life got hectic. She had an overload of work deadlines while at the same time she and Mahir were busy looking for an apartment to buy. She got bored of the same foods she’d been making, but couldn’t find the time to research and experiment with new recipes. That’s when Susan stepped in to prepare some healthy meals once a week. She began creating dishes with Shivani’s main requests being 1) no more than a tablespoon of oil and 2) lots of flavor.

The new dishes were a hit! Susan was having a blast in the kitchen while Shivani and Mahir enjoyed the new additions to their weekly menus. The two women soon discovered that although their cooking styles each had their own personality, they shared a passion for creating flavorful, sensible meals without the need for a lot of added oils or fats. They spent the better part of a year working together in this quest — Shivani played with recipes in her spare time and Susan continued creating new ones as well.

In 2009, when Susan and Scott moved upstate Shivani had the idea for this recipe blog — a way for us to keep up with each other’s latest creations, while sharing them with a wider audience.