About Susan

Susan Garth is a country girl at heart. She makes her home in a charming village not too far from Saratoga Springs, NY. Surrounded by beautiful woods, rolling hills, rivers and creeks, lots of farms and farmers markets; it’s a hidden haven.

She and her husband are the proprietors of DISH Bistro in the heart of historic downtown Greenwich NY.

As a professional cook she has worked with a variety of high-profile private clients and has been catering public events and teaching cooking classes for more than a decade through her company, The Natural Kitchen. She has partnered with doctors and nutritionists since 2000, keeping their patients well nourished by creating meals based on dietary guidelines provided for each case. She’s trained in the art of Macrobiotics and is a certified Metabolic Typing practitioner.

Her most recent project in New York City was to help launch the cafe at moomah, which opened its doors in TriBeCa in May of 2009.

She brings culinary inspirations from her travels: Along with three different stints in the Big Apple and a total of nine years in Santa Barbara, CA, she and Scott lived in Europe for a spell, and together they’ve eaten their way through regions of Italy, France, Greece, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Mexico.

For Susan, A Tablespoon of Oil is the perfect rule of thumb while keeping in mind the importance of healthy fats in the diet. After eight years as a vegan in her earlier days, she’s rediscovered the pleasures of a pat of butter on steamed broccoli, or a dollop of homemade aioli over poached fish. She admits that she’s been spotted occasionally buying meats and cheeses from the variety of local producers in her region, but she keeps her focus  on using an abundance of plant foods to create her flavorful menus.