Zucchini Indian Style

Zucchini Indian Style
Serves 3 to 4
Can be Doubled| Can be Halved| Makes Great Leftovers

Zucchini is a favorite vegetable of mine, but you’ll usually never see it on Indian restaurant menus or find Indians cooking it with the Asian touch. I was in Bombay last December staying with my in-laws, and while visiting a grocery store in the Breach Candy area that carries foodstuff not commonly found in India, I saw a basket of verdant green zucchini begging to be bought. My mother-in-law is an exceptional cook, but her cuisine is limited to that of her upbringing so I picked up two zucchini and asked her to make it for me with her touch. She was hesitant as she had never cooked this vegetable before, but, not surprisingly, the recipe came out delicious. And, my mother-in-law tells me that she liked it so much that she’s added it to her repertoire as well even though I’m not there.     ~Shivani


2 medium zucchini, cut into coins and halved
2 garlic cloves, finely minced
1 medium tomato, diced into small chunks
1/2 onion, cut into thin slivers
1 tablespoon of canola oil
1 teaspoon of cumin
1 teaspoon of coriander
1/2 teaspoon of garam masala
1/8 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 cup water
cilantro, finely chopped for garnish (optional)


Warm oil in a medium nonstick pan over medium heat.

Saute garlic and onion for 3 to 4 minutes or until soft.

Add in tomatoes, and cook for 2 minutes.

Stir in spices into onion tomato mixture, and fry for two minutes.

Add in zucchini and water cook until soft but not overly mushy (about 5 to 7 minutes).

Turn off heat, and garnish with cilantro, if desired.

Serving Suggestions:

Try this with Aparna’s Turkey Tikkis and some warmed whole wheat rotis (whole wheat tortillas make a fine substitute).

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4 thoughts on “Zucchini Indian Style

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  2. I am surprised you didn’t find this dish in India, only because while I lived in Pakistan my mother in law made this (or something very very similar) quite frequently. I believe it’s called “thori”. I couldn’t get enough of it. Although, it is true I’ve not noticed it on Indian Restaurant menus

    • Hi there- I have had thori before, but I believe that is a different vegetable and not zucchini as we know it in the U.S. I wish more restaurants offered it because I enjoy eating it!

      • You are right, I mean, we in the U.S. don’t have exactly the same thing, but I spoke with my sister in law who’s lived in the U.S. for a long time after being raised in Karachi and she said it’s pretty much the same, I mean, not like using an apple instead of a mango 😉 pretty much the same taste. I like this recipe better, actually, because the zucchini doesn’t cook as long and it’s not nearly as oily. I love the taste of the actual veggie and in this recipe you can taste it more than with the other version (although my mother in law would add less oil to the desi version for me too)

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