Red Cabbage, Kale and Carrot Salad

Red Cabbage, Carrot & Kale Salad Recipe

Red Cabbage, Kale and Carrot Salad
Serves 2 – 3
Can be doubled | Can be halved

This really is a perfect little winter salad. All three of these hearty vegetables are easy to find during cold weather. They also keep well when stored in the fridge. In fact, that’s how this recipe came to be created in our own kitchen. We were roasting a chicken for dinner one Sunday afternoon and I was looking for something salad-y to go with it. We had no lettuce, so I dug around in the vegetable crisper. Within minutes a nutritious, delicious, seasonal salad was born. The colors are gorgeous. The flavors are earthy and fresh. The dressing – so simple, yet it really brings the whole dish to life! You can easily turn this into an entree salad by tossing in some protein such as cubed tofu or shredded chicken. Try experimenting with different oils, too. Each offers its own nuance to the flavor of the finished dish.     ~ Susan


1 1/2 cups julienned red cabbage
1 1/2 cups shredded carrots
1 1/2 cups julienned kale
juice of 1 large lemon (about a quarter cup)
1 tablespoon wheat-free tamari (soy sauce)
2 teaspoons oil of your choice – I’ve used extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed walnut oil, unrefined peanut oil and toasted sesame oil, all with delicious results


Place the prepped veggies in a mixing bowl.

Drizzle in the lemon, tamari and oil.

Toss well.

Taste and add a bit more tamari if you like. The small amount of oil is just enough to tie everything together.

Serving Suggestions

This salad is great with grilled chicken cutlets or a whole roasted chicken. Add a side of quinoa or boiled new potatoes and dinner is served.

Try this salad with pan seared tofu, broiled fish or grilled steak and a side of brown rice.

Add some cubed tofu or shredded chicken into the salad and serve over a small nest of whole wheat angel hair or buckwheat soba noodles (add more tamari and lemon as needed to keep the flavors lively).

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